How to make money on RedBubble

print on demand sites is becoming more and more popular among buyers. learn how to make money on RedBubble.
We are overfilled with mass products and we tend to go for unique stuff. The feeling of being unique is priceless, right?
What is Redbubble and how it works?

Redbubble is a POD site where all kind of artisans can upload their artwork and sell it to the large public. This comes on various products such as t-shirts, stickers, bags, notebooks, wall art… artists are receiving a margin of profit that they can set on their page for each product -20% by default. The rest goes towards manufacturing the product and paying Redbubble a slice. Redbubble manages shipping and transactions.  All you have to do is make the best of your craft. It`s super entertaining and everything happens on a free platform!  artists will retain all rights to their images so you can post your work anywhere else.
Another good news is that you can still make money on Redbubble, even if you`re not a designer.  This happens by referring customers to the marketplace and earn a 10% commission within 45 days, for doing it. how this hit? sign up for their affiliate program through ShareASale
How to make your account and start to sell on Redbubble:
Sign up on the main page. You can use your real name or some other username you like. fill your profile with as much information as possible. You can add a bio, an avatar or a cover image. There are many things to customize here.
After that, you`ll just have to upload your designs. following that, select the products to be printed, set the price, the percent you want, and publish your art.  enjoy and get prolific!

Join groups and challenges:

This is a great way to interact and find like-minded artisans. more will help you improve your work. using the search bar, you`ll find all kinds of groups- from photography to groups interested only Usually, groups hold challenges, where members can enter their best work. The challenge fits a certain topic or concept. like we had here for example. Or this flower design challenge. The winners are listed on the front page of that group, so they gain exposure.  You might win, so don`t be afraid of the challenges. express yourself and boost your notoriety!
How to make money on Redbubble? how much I`ll earn?
First, you must take into account that Redbubble becomes a more and more ambitious platform, with over 600k users. remember that anyone can post for free! So, uploading your work isn’t enough. You`ll have to work a bit on your personal branding.  promoting your work throughout social networks or creating your own website is always a bright idea. The truth is that you`ll have to invest beyond Redbubble. So, be social!
Also, don`t set unrealistic expectations. nobody has a basic recipe that works for each of us. no one will tell you what exactly to sell. My advice is to experiment as much as you can. bevis deg selv!
Another rule on how to make money on Redbubble is the more you upload, the chances to sell will increase. Ikke sant?
Further, determine your keywords wisely. You`ll easily be informed of people’s interests. Keywords are a powerful tool in checking the latest trends among shoppers. So, if you`re adjusting your materials depending on “what sells”, this will lead to more engagement.
So, there is no doubt that you can earn more than satisfying profits. especially if you intensify your work with some marketing effort.

More, the good part is that you can import your production on other print on demand websites like TeePublic, Spreadshirt, or design By Humans
Hva tror du? tell us about your experiences with POD websites.

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