THE best work tote IN THE game

This is a public service announcement to every woman, EVERYWHERE.  If you have a pulse and have ever left your home or plan to do so in the future, listen UP.  I have officially unearthed the number one, greatest, best tote BAG OF ALL TIME.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you.  


Ladies, let me introduce you to your new best friend, the Lo & Sons “Seville” tote bag.  It comes in two sizes (13″ and 15″) and has an ingenious design that allows you to change shells whenever your heart (or wardrobe) desires!  I got the 15″ black saffiano tote and an extra shell in light grey saffiano leather and have honestly not stopped using them since I brought them out of the box.  They have tons of different shell options (check them out here) but I really love the saffiano exteriors because they wear like iron and never look scuffed up despite getting a pretty serious daily beating.

The light grey is a terrific neutral alternative to my black shell, but there are tons of terrific colors and you guys, the convenience of not having to pull out all of your stuff when transitioning from one bag to another is a godsend. As you can see below, the inner bag just easy pulls out of the black shell and slips into the new one. The reinforced snaps of the handles make the bag totally secure, so you’d never know they’re two separate pieces when you’re carrying it. The design is so classic and clean, finished with the perfect touches of gold hardware making it the optimal work tote bag or travel bag. Stylish? Sjekk. Functional? Oh we’re just getting started…

Ok let’s just talk for a minute about the POCKETS.  Lordy.  They legit thought of everything—padded computer pocket with extra securing clasp, a sleeve for my iPad, compartments for a pen and/or lipsticks, zip pockets for my wallet, a built-in lanyard for my keys… I could go on for days.  I’ve literally never been so organized.  Whoever designed this sucker needs to come in and take a crack at my closet.

The best part about this tote bag is that without feeling like you’re carrying around an aircraft carrier, you can fit a Mary Poppins-level amount of stuff in this sucker.  I mean, just look at all the stuff that I put it in this thing, and honestly, there was plenty of room to spare.  I’m telling you, it defies physics.

They have two really amazing videos on this page that show you how to change shells and also how much stuff you can fit into these bags.  I find them both completely mesmerizing.  It’s very strange.

OGSÅ! For those of you who travel a lot for work or play, there’s a major added bonus: each tote comes with a “luggage sleeve” which you can see in action here. If you scroll down on the page, you can see how the sleeve allows the tote to fit perfectly over any carry-on luggage or suitcase. Spill. Changer.

They also have lots of other amazing bags and accessories, and I snagged this wristlet zip pouch which can connect inside the Seville tote.  Whenever I’m running out of the office for a quick coffee or lunch, I’m usually just grabbing this thing.  It’s super convenient and perfect for holding my phone, some cash, a credit card or two and a subway card on the go.

Moral of the story: if, like me, you’re always on the hunt for a terrific travel or work bag that’s beautiful, versatile and amazingly functional, well, look no further.  Oh, did I mention they’re having a sale on them right now?  Run don’t walk y’all.

SEVILLE tote BAG: c/o Lo & Sons  | LIGHT GREY SHELL: c/o Lo & Sons  | ZIP pouch WRISTLET: c/o Lo & Sons  | CHUNKY TURTLENECK SWEATER:  Ralph Lauren (also HERE)  | SATIN SKIRT: Vince  | SHOES: Saint Laurent (similar HERE, here and HERE)  | SUNGLASSES: Smoke x Mirrors  | WATCH: Daniel Wellington (similar HERE)  | Ringer: C / O Mejuri | Øredobber: Lignende her | BRACELET: c/o Brandy Pham

Thanks to Lo & Sons for partnering on this post!

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